Wednesday, December 7, 2011

One Palette look! Lust

Wet-N-Wild LUST

              Hey! Today's look was done with on palette from Wet-N-Wild!. Yes you can create a look with using just one eye shadow pallet!. I am starting to really love Wet-n-Wild brand. They are really starting to come out in shine with in the makeup world. This palette was only $3.99 and you get it it from K-mart or your local drug store. They are stating to become hard to fine. Due to the brand coming out with more colors.
                      So  Lets get started the first step to this look. I primed my eye lid all over with my new fav primer from Bitch Slap cosmetics. Then I use my NYX jumbo stick in Milk as my eye shadow base. Taking a angled brush (E.L.F) I use the lighter shadow in the upper  left. Put that color over my lid. Stopping just in the middle. Then using a new brush. I take the purple  in the middle on the right side and apply in my crease area and blend that color into the lighter color. Then taking a blending brush (E.L.F) I used the darker purple/ plum color and blend that color into my crease as well. Be sure not to got too far up as you still want some of the lighter purple color to show. Now using the pinkish color on the top right had side  I applied that to under my brow as a highlight and blended that color also.  I lined my lash line with liquid liner from NYX  and applied lashes. There you have it a ONE palette look for just $3.99! Ladies it can be done!

NYX-Milk $3.99

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