Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Pigments Pigments!

Love pigments, but see them as messy and hard to control?? Now working with pure pigments does take skill and I am still learning. I learned that there are several ways to use pigments. 1. You can use them alone. Which has great color pay off. 2. Use with  water. Dab water on your brush then dap your pigment color for high intensity payoff. 3. Use  M.A.C fix plus$18  on your brush or E.L.F  Make mist  & set $3 . I am sure they are other ways. These by far are the best. Pigments give you that bright color. They come in small jars because you don;t need as much product. A small amount will last you a long time. There are all kind of brands such as M.A.C , E.L.F, NYX, Sugar Pill, Bitch Slap, and L'Oreal. Have fun with color!

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