Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Oh Happy Day!

top: Venomuos Bitch (blue)  Stuck up Bitch (violet purple) Hydro Bitch (olive green)
Just when I though I was having a bad day B-slap surprise me! Yes I got my samples and I am happy. These are not even samples they are full size products/ Let me tell you they are GRrrrrrrrrrreat! as Tony the Tiger would say! lol. I fell in love @ first sight. I heart was pounding  when I nearly snatch the package from the post lady! Running back to my apartment to marvel in what was inside. I tell i am crazy about makeup especially when it come from a "Bitchin" company such as Bit$%h slap. Also Got a travel brush set and eye&lip primer. Look for these are coming soon!. Oh Happy DAY!

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