Sunday, January 1, 2012

Purple Glitz! 2012!

 Out with 2011 and in with 2012! Yesterdays look was inspired my Queen of Blending. (yeah I love her too).  I hope you enjoy this look.

   I used NYX Milk jumbo pencil for the base. I lined the cut crease with L'orel Hip cream liner in a plum color.  Used a no name eyeshadow and fill in the lid. Then went over the lid with Sally Girls glitter in silver. Sprayed my brush with  E.L.F make up stay mist. and dap it in the silver glitter. Darken the crease area with a  dark plum color from my BH Cosmetics 2nd edition palette. About that I use Bitch Slap loose powder in Stuck up Bitch. Blended the colors very well. Then for the high light under the brow. I use Milani single eye shadow in Sand. Which is a vanilla color with glitter. Now for the fun part. I added my gem to the inside corner of my eye and 6 pr so gems the wing out  conner of my eye! Lined the eye with black liner and a glitter purple liner. Added  lashes to complete the look. There you have it. Happy New Year!

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