Friday, November 11, 2011

Feelin blue? Think Yellow

Hey friends! I was bored today and decided to play around. So I came up with this look. I used my BH Cosmetics 120 2nd edition. Great bright colors. I used matte yellow for the lid and  a teal/ green color for my crease and deepened the color with a high pigmented color  blue from E.L.F . Used a white eyeshadow for under my brow.  This a fun look and not for a girl that doesn't wanna stand out. Like I always say have FUN with color.


  1. This is super pretty! DO you have a youtube or video tutorial!?

    now following!

  2. Thank you! Sorry I don't now. I will soon do some next year when I get a better camera . Thank you for following. I learn a lot for watching You Tube Videos. Take care. :)