Thursday, September 22, 2011

Milani Vs. NARS Eye shadows

This is a review on these two similar product. Which by the way I love. The first is by Milani- Coffee Shop & Galapagos by NARS. Milani is lower end drugs store eye shadow and NARS is higher end makeup. Milani was  $6.99 & NARS was $23.00. If you are looking for the same color, but cheaper Milani is the one. They each has gold in the colors the only con with Milani is that the gold shimmers don't show up . With the NARS the gold shimmers do. Other than that they are both great! So if you are a DIVA on a budget Milani is the one brand to go for.  Don't get we wrong I do LOVE my NARS- Galapagos wear it all the time. Just wanted to compare the products. Take care

Swatches: Top is Galapagos by NARS Bottom is Coffee Shop by Milani

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