Saturday, September 17, 2011

L`oreal HIP- Ugly Duckling

Roaring, Poppy, & Flashy
Hello!~ These are three duo's that I bought at my local Big Lots. These I would consider The Ugly Ducklings of there line of shades. I bought these for $1.20 each.  The  first is Roaring which is a tan color on one side and a Dark Blue on the other. Poppy is  a bright orange on one side and dark brown on the other. Flashy is a light buttercream color on one side and a sea green on the other.  All color expect Flashy are a matte shadow. All are highly pigmented. Can't wait to create some looks with these colors for you guys. These are colors from L`oreal HIP collection. Remember  all UGLY ducklings turn into swans ! Watch me work them!

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